Our Causes


Healthy Breakfast Program in Poco Schools

One of the main reasons Port Coquitlam Professional Firefighters Charitable Society was founded in 2019 was to help the local elementary school children access healthy breakfast foods. We now service three elementary school in Port Coquitlam, feeding close to 400 children per day. Our goal is to ensure no child in Port Coquitlam goes to school hungry!


One of our main causes that we support is Movember. By raising funds through our annual Movember hockey tournament we are helping to fight prostate and testicular cancers, as well as mental health and suicide prevention. We spend a significant portion of our resources on tackling this problem by providing funding for research and advocating for more awareness.


Charitable Gala

We have joined forces with the Coquitlam Firefighters Charitable Society to host a formal gala in order to raise funds to help each of our communities respectively. 2019 was our inaugural year and we look forward to continuing year after year to get together to support our causes. If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, please contact us below.


We have partnered with local brewery, Northpaw to raise funds for the Port Coquitlam Professional Firefighters Charitable Society. They brewed the "Ring the Alarm" lager, which contributed $1500 through tap sales. It was their best selling beer for the two months that it ran before selling out. They have released a new batch and it is ready to enjoy! Thank you for continuing to show your support to our community.


Tree Chip

Every year at Poco Firehall #1, we volunteer our time for our annual tree chip. In exchange for chipping community members' trees, we take donations, all of which get put directly back into the community through our charitable programs. Show your support by bringing in your tree to turn into sawdust!

Muscular Dystrophy Canada

Since 1954, firefighters have supported Muscular Dystrophy Canada, delivering an impact that has been felt for decades. Firefighters help generate revenue by shaking a boot outside of local stores and raise awareness about neuromuscular disorders, as well as the need for funding to support Muscular Dystrophy Canada’s programs and services.


BC Burn Fund

The PCPFCS is proud to support the BC Professional Firefighters Association Burn Fund. This organization has been working since the 1970's to provide life saving, life supporting and life enriching services to them, and works to save all British Columbians from a similar trauma. We support them in their journey to help burn survivors and their families, including Bright Nights in Stanley Park and Burn Camp every year. This camp hosts children from across the province for a week every summer and is an amazing opportunity for everyone involved!