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Who We Are

Mission: Our mission is to help the community through a variety of programs aimed to help further education, relieve poverty and assist in life altering events.

Vision: We aim to improve the lives of those who need assistance by providing funding, facilitation and dedicated support to other non-profit organizations.


Values: Our principle values are 1) service to all 2) compassion 3) pride 4) professionalism 5) respect

About Us: About

100% Volunteer Based

Striving to make an impact in our community

Since our foundation in 2019, Port Coquitlam Professional Firefighters Charitable Society has been working hard to facilitate and support organizations dedicated to helping members of the public, both young and old. Through our integrated efforts of volunteer, off-duty firefighters at our organization, we are able to help our community!

About Us: Mission
About Us: Philosophy
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